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About Us-Welcome Letter from President of Champion
Souvenirs, Beijing
Dear Travelers,

Welcome to a discovery of China and Asia with Champion Holidays!

Over the past 21 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our sophisticated American travelers with high quality luxury travel experiences to China and Asia at affordable prices. Having our own dedicated staff and office in China, we independently coordinate all of our tour products in China on the spot, maintaining close working relationships with hotels, restaurants, airlines and the other vendors in China. These relationships ensure superior service and our exceptionally competitive pricing. Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications all have showcased Champion Holidays as a tour operator that offers superior quality and great values for tours to China.

Our China and Asia tour experts (All have had more than 20 years experience in this industry.) have created twelve exclusive itineraries for 2024 ranging from 9 to 21 days, which fall into two categories-Prime Tours and Price Buster Tours. The first is deluxe end of the spectrum, using exclusively five star hotels and cruise ships on the Yangtze River. Price Buster tours meanwhile are more affordable yet with no relaxation of our exacting standards. Our 10 days air inclusive Best Cities of China tour has been particularly popular with the affordable prices and exceptional values offered.Whether you explore many of China’s greatest ancient sites and areas of world-renowned natural beauty, experience the well-preserved unique cultures and the world top hot spring sites in Japan and Taiwan, or enjoy your dream vacation along gold sanded beaches in the exotic countries of Thailand and Vietnam, we will match your expectations.

For those who wish to further explore beyond the included sightseeing or itineraries, we would also be pleased to assist you with our expertise in creating your own distinctive itineraries for you to explore, experience and enjoy at your own pace in China and Asia.

In addition, we have also successfully worked with many institutions such as universities, high schools, non-profit organizations and etc. on the custom-made programs featuring cultural and business exchanges.

We invite you to join on one of our exciting expeditions to China and Asia for a truly memorable experience!


Steve F. Xu
Champion Holidays

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